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Our recruitment service is tailor made!

The team at Connect Recruit identify the behaviours, skills and qualities that are required to add value to the companies role. This enables us to evaluate a clear hiring criteria and produce job specification sheets and a job description.

We produce high quality and informative job advertisements that are then published.  In order for us to be successful in recruiting the right candidates for the role, we tap into our networks, search our databases as well as network through social media. We hold our own database with candidates in all areas of agriculture and are also well networked in the agriculture sector both locally and internationally.  In very specific roles or by the request of the client, we will head hunt and candidates will be contacted without having applied.

The research team hand pick candidates that are then selected for a shortlist after each candidate has been evaluated and their  skills, qualities, experience and qualifications have been matched the criteria of the role. This first shortlist of candidates (usually 15-18 candidates) are invited to be interviewed. These interviews take place between the recruiter and the candidate. Candidates are questions and interviewed based on the information provided on their CV’s and are asked to elicit concrete evidence of successful behaviours in their careers and are also expected to provide examples which prove that they have applied the right skills, knowledge and personal qualities to previous roles during this screening process.

The initial round of interviews assists us in establishing a shortlist of candidates where the detail of whether they would be a good fit for the role is assessed. A second round of interviews with final shortlisted candidates offers insight needed to decide the best candidates for the role by asking more detailed questions. This interview is used to ask more detailed and specific competency-based questions relating to various aspects of the role and get an overall feel for the candidates personality in relation to the organisations culture. We place a high value on attitude, work ethic and motivation.

Thorough checks are made on the candidates and the information that they have provided. Candidates provide references and theses references are called and politely question on their experience working with or managing the client. Where we feel that the references have not been able to provide the correct information. Further references are requested. Police & polygraph checks are done on request. Candidates are re

A final shortlist of 3-5 candidates is produced and handed to our client together with their full CV’s, an evaluation of our interview findings and why we feel the candidate is a good fit for the role as well as copies of the candidates qualifications. These interviews are then set up between the client, their team and the candidate